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The Expert's Guide to AcuCode Digital

Covering: Did you know AcuCode Digital can do so much more for you than just help make the ICD-10 conversion? Join our expert on a guided tour of all the most helpful resources found on Digital Coding that are included in your membership. We are all about helping you realize total practice prosperity, and this is your one-stop-shop to help you make it easy.

Video Time: 17 Minutes

Host: Sam Collins



Three Tips for Working With a Personal Injury Attorney

Covering: Shawn Steel is a personal injury attorney specializing in working with acupuncturists. Having served on the California State Acupuncture Board, he is uniquely qualified to give his input on the top three tips on how to pick a great personal injury lawyer to work with. Video Time: 1.5 Minutes Host: Shawn Steel, Esq.


Covering:Proper Documentation and understanding of timed therapeutic services Video Time: 10 Minutes Host: Sam Collins

ICD9 TO ICD10 Conversion Made Easy

Covering: The basics of the ICD9- ICD10 acupucnture conversion & using Digital AcuCode to your advantage Video Time: 20 Minutes Host: Sam Collins

A HIPAA Overview for Your Practice

Covering: An overview of the importance of HIPAA compliance for the acupucnture practice, including the pitfalls to avoid, and the tools to put in place to ensure proper HIPAA compliance Video: 32 Minutes Host: Rebecca Herold & Dave Greek

Evaluation & Management Coding for Acupuncture

Covering: An in-depth series on E&M coding for the acupuncture office. A great introduction for the novice, or an excellent refresher course for the experienced biller/coder. Video Time: 90 Minutes Host: Sam Collins, D.C.